As we step into the new glorious international market, globalization and liberalization have opened up a new universe for us offering new challenges with bright opportunities. At LONGOWALIA, our constant endeavor to upgrade and embrace the most modern technology, to serve our customer better, with more efficiency and keeping pace with the changing environment is been our forte since the world is our market. Our flag is blazing new trails to span new horizons takes us on a new dimension. Without vision there can be no mission, no agenda to road map further. This provides the difference between the ordinary and the extra ordinary.

LONGOWALIA group is a well diversified group having interests in coal trading, real estate and various activities of yarn manufacturing.

Amarson Yarns Ltd. was acquired in 2001 renamed as Longowalia Yarns Ltd installed 65000 Ring Spindles, Kniting Machinery 100 No, Fiber Dying Capcity 10MT daily and Fabric Dying Capcity 25Mt daily.

In 2010, with varied products in mind group escalated into premium segment of Dyed synthetic yarn manufacturing unit. With state of art and Ring Spinning unit the group offered a vast variety of product in 100% synthetic dyed yarns. Slub, Multi count yarns became hallmark for the capabilities of the group with leading technology at hand.In 2016 we set up dyeing plant to dye the all type of fiber and cloth also set up knitting plant to manufacturer all type of cloths

Our stringent commitment to global standards of quality is letting us grow phenomenally. Our quality standards are already making its own marks with the utmost care taken to maintain quality standards across all the stages of production.

This penchant for maintaining the highest standards of quality across every stage of manufacturing process ensures that we always meet or exceed customer's expectations every time. Our sophisticated production facility is also responsible for remarkable turn around time and our prompt delivery services.